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2019 Mini Countryman Hybrid

2019 Mini Countryman Hybrid

So what’s the new Mini Countryman PHEV really like to drive?  Plug it in; pack it up and away you go.  The new MINI Countryman plug-in hybrid is ready to challenge everything you might have already experienced in a compact hybrid SUV drive.  This is the car for those keen to make a positive change but who just love the SUV with the handling and performance to bring on the smiles.

The new MINI Countryman plug-in hybrid is easy to live with and will happily tackle short trips in a single charge making it great about town.  Boasting a pure electric range of anywhere between 20-to-30 km real world driving, there is a wide scope for getting your shopping, picking up the kids and heading off to work on the just the one single charge.  But the new MINI Countryman plug-in hybrid is just as happy for the long-haul trips too.  Making the most of the hybrid technology, the combustion engine and the electric power is capable of taking you around 500 km before you’ll need to top up.

2019 Mini Countryman Hybrid

It’s not all that hard to charge up your hybrid Mini Countryman either.  Simply plug the car in via the socket in the front guard to a 10A charger with the supplied cable.  It’s as easy as plugging in your latest tech gadget into your laptop or smartphone.  The power up time from a house hold supply takes around three hours.  You’ll still be wise to have petrol in the tank with this one, however.

With three modes to choose from, you can pick a driving style to suit your mood.  Switch between: AUTO eDrive, MAX eDrive or Save Battery modes.  Auto eDrive Mode is the default setting when you switch on your MINI Countryman plug-in hybrid.  It works out the most efficient combination of electric motor and petrol engine at the time, depending on your speed, acceleration and battery status.  In MAX eDrive mode, you can drive a short haul journey without consuming a single drop of fuel.  And if you want to take the power to the next level, the petrol engine switches on effortlessly with a kick-down of the accelerator.  Save Battery mode when you’re running low on electric power and the petrol engine will charge the battery (or keep it stable). When you’re driving in Save Battery mode, the petrol engine is doing all the work, so you can switch back to electric driving whenever you’re ready.  All this is pretty smart stuff and handy on all accounts.

OK it’s not that cheap to buy.  Kia’s Kona does offer a bit more usability and range for much less.  I guess having the bug eyed Mini looks and that desirable Cooper S badge on the boot suggests that when push comes to shove the hybrid Countryman will be chosen for being the most fun to drive.  And it is.  BMW have designed the new Countryman with the electric motor sitting on the rear axle.  Petrol power drives the front wheels, and in everyday use the set up works extremely well.  The Mini Countryman PHEV when driven in electric mode is actually the first ever RWD Mini!

This is a small and efficient AWD SUV.  Compact on all accounts, the PHEV Mini Countryman has loads going for it, particularly for those who like the idea of blending the reliable long distant petrol power with zero emission, low running cost EV power.  I have to note that there are some other options you might like to trial if an electric SUV floats your boat.  Mitsubishi’s Outlander PHEV has to be a go to vehicle in my mind, as Mitsubishi has been in this game for quite some time and the Outlander is an excellent performer with loads of space and comfort.

2019 Mini Countryman

On pure electric power a Nero, IONIC or an Outlander in real world conditions go way further than the Countryman Hybrid SUV equivalent.  This isn’t what you’ll want to hear if you have your heart set on the Countryman Hybrid.  However, to drive, the Mini’s version is super stylish, and a lot of fun when the Cooper S engine gets a move on.  A 0-100 km/h sprint can be completed in less than seven seconds and the car is stable, grippy and controlled over any road surface.  A potent 100 kW Mini Twin Power Turbo petrol engine with its 6-speed Steptronic transmission delivers awesome response.  If you’re after the PHEV driving enthusiast’s compact SUV, then the Countryman will probably be the one you’ll want when placed in the company of the IONIC, Nero or Outlander PHEVs.

Adaptive dampering, comfortable seating, luxury trimmings, up-to-date infotainment systems, Mini’s circular display screen in the centre of the dash, and even an adjustable steering wheel and digital drivers display that move in unison as you adjust the wheel are all part of the very well designed Mini cabin.  A yellow start/stop button, an e button and other electric info displays set the Countryman Hybrid apart from the other Mini models while looking similar but pretty cool to boot.  If you want extra luxury features for your new Mini Countryman Hybrid, these will come at an additional cost.  Things like climate control air-conditioning, fog lamps, isofix fittings for the front passenger seat, a sunroof, a rear seat arm rest are all nice items, but they will cause the new car price to head skywards.

For a plug-in hybrid with compact SUV looks and practicality that’s loads of fun, got the image factor and is quick, the higher price won’t be a problem for those who want one because on all other accounts the new Mini Countryman Hybrid is a very nice car to drive be it a bit less electrically efficient.

2019 Mini Countryman Hybrid

The 2019 Mini Countryman PHEV models include the:

  • Mini Countryman Hybrid

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