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Great Wall V-Series Dual Cab

GreatWallDualCabVI’m thinking of the tradies I know: Jason the builder, Wally the plumber, Bruce the gardener, Corey the plasterer and Mike the electrician.  Now, these guys might like to daydream about cars with all the high-tech features but when they head off for a job, they like to keep things simple.  They run small owner-operated or mum-and-dad businesses, so they haven’t got the vast budgets to spend on commercial vehicles that larger companies do.  They want something that’s going to carry them and their gear to the worksite, tow a trailer and carry the family (or the other members of the work crew).  They want all this without having to pay the earth for something that costs just about as much as a house, either.

Budget, practicality and good carrying capacity are what it’s all about. Well, Jason, Wally, Bruce, Corey and Mike, listen up, because the Great Wall V-Series Dual Cab is probably right up your street. It’s probably also right up the street of Dave and Jenny on the farm and Chris in the forestry crew.  Great Wall is all about producing SUVs, utes and 4x4s that deliver what’s really needed in a car at a low cost.  Great Wall is the top SUV manufacturer in China and with cars like these, it isn’t hard to see why.

The Great Wall V-Series Dual Cab is a twin cab ute that gets back to basics and does away with the need for all the extra fripperies and fal-lals. Guys like Jason, Bruce, Wally, etc. (and women like Jenny) believe that the more bells and whistles a vehicle has, the more there is to go wrong and the more it will cost to fix it.  If they want a smartphone, they’ll use the smartphone they already have, not expect their work ute to turn into an extension of one.  They have been driving for years and learned to do it the hard way without the need for all those driver aids like blind spot departure warnings and alertness sensing systems.  If you were to talk to them, they’d go on about how modern cars these days are making drivers lazy and more reliant on The Machine rather than using common sense, and how younger drivers who learn on these fancy new high-tech driver assistance machines just don’t know what to do in a simpler vehicle. That’s one of the reasons why guys and gals like my tradie and farming friends are likely to really go for the Great Wall V-Series Dual Cab. It’s got everything they want and nothing that they don’t.

Right, so to cut the cackle and to get on with telling you about the stuff that my tradie friends want to know, you have two engine choices and two drivetrain choices with the Great Wall V-Series Dual Cab: petrol or turbo diesel, and 2×4 and 4×4.  Opt for either of the petrol variants the (2.4-litre V240) and you get a 5-speed manual transmission.  If you prefer the 2.0-litre diesel V200, you get a 6-speed auto gear box.  Interestingly, unlike the trends seen with other petrol versus diesel comparisons, it’s the diesel engine that has more power: 105 kW ad 4000 rpm compared to the petrol’s 100 kW at 5250.  As expected, though, it’s the diesel that has more torque: 310 Nm in the 1800–2800 rpm range compared to the petrol’s 200 Nm at 2500–3000 rpm.  According to official Great Wall information, you can put E10 in the petrol engine, so if you’re into greener motoring and sustainability, then that might swing you in favour of the petrol.

You can get five people sitting comfortably inside the Great Wall V-Series Dual Cab on leather-trimmed seats.  Creature comforts come in the way of air conditioning (a must here in Australia with our hot weather), a sound system with a CD player and USB input as well as the radio, power windows, keyless entry and power steering for the driver.  In the safety department, the Great Wall V-Series Dual Cab has dual front air bags and ABS braking.  And if you’re a good driver who likes hands-on driving, what more do you really need anyway?

The Great Wall V-Series Dual Cab comes in three basic colours (grey, white and black) with metallic blue available as an extra-cost option. Front and rear fog lamps, power mirrors and 16-inch alloy wheels complete the exterior styling.  The sides are clear, simple and uncluttered, meaning that it’s a piece of cake to get your business logo on the side.

Current model series include:

  • Great Wall V-Series Dual Cab V240 2×4
  • Great Wall V-Series Dual Cab V240 4×4
  • Great Wall V-Series Dual Cab V200 2×4
  • Great Wall V-Series Dual Cab V200 4×4

For any more information on the Great Wall V-Series Dual Cab, or for that matter any other new car, contact one of our friendly consultants on 1300 303 181. If you’d like some fleet discount pricing (yes even for private buyers!), we can submit vehicle quotes requests out to our national network of Great Wall dealers and come back with pricing within 24 hours. Private Fleet – car buying made easy!