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Foton is a Chinese motor vehicle manufacturer that is selling their products globally.  In 2016, these products started to sell in Australia.  Founded on August 28, 1996, Foton (Beiqi Foton Motor Co Ltd) now manufactures light and heavy-duty trucks, single cab and dual cab Utes, agricultural tractors, and other types of machinery.

Foton has its main headquarters in Changping, Beijing.  They make commercial trucks in a joint venture with Daimler AG.  Interestingly, they currently make a copy of the Toyota Hiace H100 and call it the Foton View or Foton Alpha.

In July 2010 Foton announced the establishment of a European headquarters in Moscow, Russia.  In 2011, Foton established a sales company in India.  Foton is to build an assembly plant in Colombia, and they also plan to build a plant in Western Maharashtra, India.

Now available in Australia and New Zealand, Foton is spreading globally, with America recently becoming a big market for selling the brand.

Foton has assets exceeding 50 billion Yuan, as well as over 290,000 employees.  The brand value exceeded 61-billion Yuan back in 2005, ranking it number 1 in the auto industry and number 11 in the top 500 most valuable brands.  It is little wonder that Foton has made it to Australia.

Currently, in 2016, Foton offers the affordable Tunland range of single-cab and dual-cab light trucks/utes.  This product range will grow as time passes.  Heavy duty trucks are also sold in Australia under the Foton brand.