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You buy a new car every few years, maybe less. So when purchasing a new car, it’s hard to avoid the pressure and tricks used to attain a sale and easy to be misled by enthusiastic car salesmen.

Further, getting advice about which vehicle best suits your needs is often motivated by what the dealer has available.

Buying a new car is particularly difficult when you don’t have the time to shop around.

By trudging from car yard to car yard, the average car buyer can usually get a competitive quote by making the dealers compete against each other.

But who has the time to do this? And how do you know how to spot a good deal on a new car?

Private Fleet can offer a complete new car-buying service. Using a unique tendering process, we invite new car dealerships all over Australia to bid for your business.

It’s up to them to compete to give you the car, the deal, the service you want. Private Fleet is 100% independent, so we’re not committed to any dealer. Just to finding you the vehicle you’re after. Trade-ins? Not a problem. Finance? We can arrange it all. Warranties and servicing? The same as if you’d bought the car from the dealer, yourself.