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Road Side Assistance

Every member of Private Fleet is entitled to a Complimentary, Twelve Month, Australia-Wide, Roadside Assistance policy.

We have thousands of service vehicles on standby and one simple freecall to the Private Fleet call centre will give you access to numerous services including

Breakdown assistance We can take care of all the usual breakdown incidents, including flat battery, flat tyre, keys lost or locked in your car, and minor repairs.

Emergency fuel We will have fuel delivered to your vehicle. Or, where government restrictions apply, we’ll tow your vehicle – free of charge – to the nearest city of suburban petrol station.

Keys locked in car, or lost We can provide a replacement key if we have been provided with the key code (see application form), and the replacement does not need specialised electronic coding to your vehicles ignition or immobiliser system.Where you cannot access your vehicle, we will arrange for a key to be cut and delivered to you, or for you to collect.A locksmith can assist to cut a key or access your vehicle. A contractor, locksmith, courier or taxi will be arranged depending on the time, location and services available.

Minor repairs We can arrange minor repairs, for you to resume your journey A.S.A.P.

Replacement battery We will arrange for a replacement battery. A battery specialist can even deliver and fit the battery to your car, anywhere in Australia.

Towing Is available throughout city and rural areas.

Private Fleet Parts and Service Locater If you have a problem, we can find the nearest dealership, sevice station, repiar workshop tyre and windscreen outlet, anywhere in Australia.

Accident procedures In case of an accident, we can advise you of your obligations, and what details to get from the other driver. We can also arrange for towing.If you don’t have ambulance cover, we will contribute $100 towards your ambulance costs.

Emergency medical advice Available 24 hours a day from our doctors. If you are injured in an accident, we can liase with your doctor or relatives, and arrange a medical escort to your home. If unable to continue your journey, we will transport your vehicle to the destination of your choice.

Emergency contact We can connect you through to family members, friends or business associates. Or contact them on your behalf.

Alternate travel arrangments We have extensive contacts with accomodation, car rental and vehicle transport companies in Australia. We can arrange for any reschedules or bookings necessary as a result of an accident or breakdown. We are responsible for arranging the services you need.