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Car Protection Packages

Protect your vehicle against the harsh Australian elements, with specially formulated Private Fleet protection products. This package retains your vehicles new-car look, by combining leather, fabric, vinyl, paint and rust protection. It protects your car from heat and salt-laden winds of our coastal climate. And it helps to keep the interior in top condition.

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Vehicle Paint Protection

The essential product in any car protection package. Paint Protection through Private Fleet is a small investment to protect what will most likely be your second biggest purchase after your family home. Vehicle Paint protection from Private Fleet not only comes with a lifetime warranty and as well as adding value to your vehicle offers the following benefits:

  • Long-lasting showroom shine.
  • Quick and easy cleaning. Dust and dirt is repelled by the teflon-style ingredients in the formula.
  • Increases re-sale value
  • Aerodynamics – believe it or not high gloss paint protection scientifically increases your new car’s aerodynamic efficiency
  • Protects agains UV rays, acid rain, insects etcRust Protection

Rust. Nothing can damage a car so thoroughly and irreversibly as rust and in Australia, with often salt-laden coastal winds afflicting our vehicles, rust is one of the most damaging factors to a car’s condition and market value. Private Fleet rust protection is a wax based atomised process sprayed under pressure penetrating into body sections, seams and cavities providing a protective barrier sealing out air, moisture, salt and dust. Rust protection offers the following benefits:

  • Drastically reduces the chance of rust
  • Actually neutralises and existing rust and prevents its spread
  • Once only application
  • Increases resale valueInterior Protection

Whilst there are many nasties that can afflict a vehicle from the outside, don’t forget about the interior – people! Children! Private Fleet fabric protection is a specially formulated invisible treatment to fabric, carpet and velour surfaces, which provides a barrier, preventing stainsfrom food, drink and soiling from everyday use. Benefits can be summarised as:

  • Protects against staining, particularly from food and drink.
  • Extends fabric life by reducing friction
  • Retains the original appearance of the fabric for longer
  • Enhances resale valueNature Protection

Most of the exterior afflictions to new cars are natural. Private Fleet nature guard is the ultimate high gloss environmental protection barrier, formulated from patented biodegradable components which continuously neutralise, cleanse and repel airborne contaminants which can stain and etch into the paint surface. Within hours, bird droppings can eat into the surface of paint leaving permanent scarring which may only be resolved by expensive touch-ups or even a complete respray. Nature protection provides defense againstb the following contaminants:

  • Acid Rain
  • Alkali Pollution
  • Bird Droppings
  • Tree Sap
  • Insect etching
  • Hardwater Deposits
  • Road Grime

Pollution FalloutMany of the above products offer better value delivered in packages. Call 1300 303 181 to see how we can tailor a package to your needs and budget that will protect your investment for years to come or click here to submit an enquiry and request a brochure.

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