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By providing such an innovative product as a car buying service and being the leading company in this industry, we have had many opportunities for exposure in various media over the years.

See what print media, the radio and TV have had to say about us in the past.

Pocket Rocket’s bargain cars

REPORTER: Simone Cunningham
BROADCAST DATE: August 19, 2003

Chantelle Brown bought a new car online.

The motorists you’re about to meet are over the moon. They saved thousands of dollars off the price of a new car while avoiding the run-around from car dealers. So how did they do it?

First-time new-car buyer Chantelle Brown was ecstatic about her massive saving of $4,500 on a new five-door Holden Barina and the ease with which it was achieved.

Ms Brown went surfing for a saving and found the website had all the answers.

“I didn’t have to ask the questions, I didn’t have to bargain the price. Private Fleet did everything for me,” she said.

“They got the calls, they got the cheap prices, they whacked on a few extras – they did everything for me.”

rivate Fleet uses its buying power to save consumers money.

David Lye from Private Fleet also promises savings of up to 25 per cent off the price of a new car.

“Private Fleet is a motor broker. What that means is we work on behalf of our customers to source new vehicles and then negotiate the price,” he said.

Private Fleet charges the buyer a fee of just under $200 for its services and pockets a referral fee from the dealer that provides the car.

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Private fleet…ran a demo for Money and the results showed savings of $5,000-$6,000…

Savings for car smarties – June 14, 2005

If your business needs wheels it might pay to look outside the square, writes Joanna Tovia THE options can seem endless for anyone wanting to get new wheels for their business but some options are smarter than others.

Green machine … Julie Savet Ward and her staff use a GoGet share car to get around.

Walk the Talk

Whether you want to buy, lease, or share a car, getting your business mobile in the cheapest possible way just takes a little knowhow.

If you have the cashflow to buy a vehicle, visiting a car yard as you might as an everyday customer could be a costly mistake.

Unless you are in the business of cars and regularly buy them, it can be tricky to know a good deal when you see it.

Another option is buying a car through a car buying service such as Private Fleet.

Private Fleet charges $178 to find the right car for a client at the best possible price. After working out which car the client wants, tenders are sent out to about six dealers. The best quote wins the sale.

The company sources used as well as new cars and can save customers thousands of dollars off showroom prices.

Private Fleet does all the negotiating and can also arrange test drives, finance, delivery and trade-in valuations.

“The only time the client has any real interaction with the dealer is on the test drive, and the dealer is only showing the car, not pressuring for a sale,” says director David Lye.

The biggest saving the company has made for a car costing under $75,000 is $14,000.

Lye says the standard cars used for business fleets used to be Ford Falcons and Holden Commodores.

The advent of novated leases, however, means an employee can choose any car they like as long as it costs less than $57,009 – the luxury car tax threshold.


Private Fleet:


The Daily Telegraph

-August 30,2000″… offer a nation-wide service helping people to find the best deals on cars. They also offer myriad after-sales services. It seems an ambitious online business venture – and well worth perusing.”

SNAPSHOT – 23/09/04

“… negotiate a substantially larger discount. It’s part of our guarantee”

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