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Note…the below information gives an idea of how the lead up to the VE Commodore captured the Australian public’s imagination.  To find out what’s currently available, please contact your Private Fleet Consultant….

At the time of writing, June 2006, anticipation abounds as to what exactly will feature in the all-new Holden Commodore, the VE Commodore. Rumour and intrigue is rife with VE Commodore ‘spy shots’ all over the internet as well as conjecture on build, engines and models that will be available. What is for sure is that the VE Commodore will be the most radically different model since the famous brand was first released in 1970.

Below we have tried to gather as much information from reliable sources as we can on what’s in store for Australians awaiting the new VE Commodore. Please note that we can not guarantee the accuracy of all the details below. In fact until the car is actually released (second half of 2006), nothing is certain regarding what will constitute the new big seller from Holden.

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Zeta Platform

What is for sure is that we’ll be looking at a totally new platform (Zeta) available in both rear-wheel drive and all-wheel drive. The all-new VE Commodore will be available in a V6 engine as well as a 4th generation V8.

Diesel Engine

At the Melbourne Motor Show this year (February), Holden’s chairman, Denny Mooney, has hinted that a diesel version of the VE Commodore may be a possibility and they are currently undergoing initial development research in this area. With fuel prices set to remain high and Australians increasingly looking for more economy from their vehicles, this could help to offest the current trend of moving away from the traditional big Aussie sixes.

ESP – Electronic Stability Program

This safety feature is expected to come as standard on the new Commodore. Put in layman’s terms, this is a program whereby should the car be travelling too fast into a corner, the engine will automatically cut power and apply the brakes to bring the car back under control. Standard in many models (especially European) this along with curtain airbags will bring the VE Commodore back to the fore in terms of safety.

Displacement on Demand

A strong rumour is that Holden’s new Commodore will incorporate Displacement on Demand technology which can effectively reduce a V8 engine to a V4 when less power is needed. According to GM, this should make the VE Commodore up to 8% more fuel efficient. A definition of DOD from GM follows:

“Displacement on Demand saves fuel by using only half of the engine’s cylinders during most normal driving conditions. When loads are light, the control system automatically closes both intake and exhaust valves for half of the cylinders, cutting off their air and fuel supply. The fuel supply resumes and the valves are reopened to provide all-cylinder operation when the driver needs it for quick acceleration or for hauling heavy loads.”

Imported Components

As imported vehicles and aggressive pricing contribute to the fiercely competitive new car market in Australia, it seems likely that the VE Commodore will look towards increasing the use of foreign parts in its manufacture as a way to keep costs low. Although the quintessential Aussie-built car, the lure of components built in Asia and elsewhere will be too hard to resist. The question is, how will this affect the overall build quality of the all-new Commodore?

Torana Styling

Latest ‘spy pics’ seem to have upheld long held suspicion that the new VE Commodore would resemble the 2004 Concept car the

VE Commodore Pictures

The best idea of what exactly is on offer is so far courtesy of Wheels Magazine. After digitally remastering some of the camouflage paint, the guys at Wheels mag have via pictures taken in the GM testing ground near detroit, given us the best glimpse yet of what is to offer from the new model. So check out below and then run down and grab yourself a copy of Wheels magazine from your local newsagent…


…Latest Pics…

Latest spy shots taken by David Caird and Mark Gianfriddo and published on

This page will be updated as more news on the VE Commodore comes to hand. If you have anything to add, please email or call 1300 303 181. Also check out our dedicated site for the latest information

Disclaimer: Whilst we have taken measures to try to ensure that the information on this page is as close to what we can expect as possible, please understand that prior to the official release of the VE Commodore, much of the content has been based on conjecture and 3rd party submissions. As such, we can in no way vouch for the accuracy of this information. Additionally, please also be aware that there is no endorsement implied or otherwise between GM Holden and Private Fleet.