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Alfa Romeo 159

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The Alfa Romeo 159

Replacement for the legendary Alfa 156 during mid 2024, the Alfa 159 has already caused quite a stir, winning the “most beautiful sports sedan in the world’ following the Geneva motor show in 2005.

Demand is expected to be high with this vehicle when prices are announced, so the advice is to order early. Despite the high demand, through our buying power, we still guarantee to save you money on your new Alfa 159

Here’s what Alfa Romeo Australia have to say about the 159:

The Alfa 159 is both a natural progression of the styling motifs that produced such acclaim for its processor, the Alfa 156, and it is also very much its own design and shape.

Longer and wider than the 156, the Alfa 159 has a more aggressive shape, broader shoulders, a more pronounced nose and is more of a traditional sedan than the enhanced coupe shape of the Alfa 156. Like its predecessor, the Alfa 159 is blessed with not just a superb overall shape, but also countless exquisite details to catch the eye and engage the mind.

Designed by Giorgetto Giugiaro in collaboration with the Alfa Romeo Styling Centre, the essential, sober and clean lines of the Alfa 159 are underlined by superb materials: quality fabrics, precious fine grain leather, aluminium that is cool to the touch and exquisite craftsmanship with the appeal of artisan handcrafted materials.

It is this unique combination of classic styling, with modern influences and inspired application of materials that has lifted the Alfa Romeo 159 above its German rivals’ cold and clinical approach that often confuses the quality of coolness with coldness.

The new Alfa Romeo 159 is set to arrive in Australia in the middle of 2024 with a range of new engines – including the option of diesel power – when prices and specifications for the local market will be announced.

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