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Car Buying for New Families

If you’re reading this, chances are you’re expecting or have recently had a new addition to the family. If that’s the case, then congratulations! Do much fun, so much joy and so much to do….

Of course your new arrival(s) necessitates a hundred and one new purchases, ranging from cots to prams, to bottles to maternity wear to change tables and the list goes on and on… However, there is one purchase that nearly 80% of new parents make, that dwarfs all the other baby-related acquisitions… a new car!

You’ll need to be getting around just like normal (maybe more so) but it’s not quite as easy as it used to be and sportcars and convertibles, may have to take a back seat (pun intended!) for a while as practicality rules supreme!

baby car seat

Trouble, is, it’s not like car shopping used to be – there are so many new and important considerations that need to be made before choosing the car:

  • Passenger size – enough to fit a baby-seat and 2 passengers comfortably in the back?
  • Boot – will the pram fit in the boot?
  • if it does fit in, can it be ‘dragged’ out rather than lifted (saves the back!)
  • SAFETY! – how does the vehicle rate in terms of safety?
  • Running costs – down to one income for at least a while means that fuel economy and maintenance and more important than ever before
  • Storage capacity – Can you still go away for the weekend and fit in the adults, the baby, the dog, pram, travel cot, baby backpack, bottle steriliser….
  • Future babies – do you need to allow for further additions to the family?

As with all our clients, we’re here to make it easy and we understand the special needs that new parents may have when choosing a new or used car. Are you ready (mentally as well as financially) to go for the 8-seater people mover or would a compact SUV offer a dual purpose?

If you’re not sure, give us a call and speak to one of our consultants – 1300 303 181. We aren’t biased to any particular model and can give free and no-obligation advice on all these matters. We can arrange a test-drive, email through specs, prices and suggestions and then, when you’ve decided on a car, that’s when our unique tendering system comes into it’s own.

We invite dealers from all over Australia to bid for your business. Our buying power and this competitive frenzy, means we can guarantee the best possible purchase price. What’s more, the car is delivered to your door with a full tank of fuel.

So save you’re weekends for the home-wares store, or even better the beach. There’s a lot to look after and worry about and a car shouldn’t be one of them. Private Fleet = Car Buying Made Easy.