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Car Loan Calculator

Car Loan Calculator

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Enter the amount you wish to finance (total on road cost of the car), the residual amount at the end of the loan (if any), and the number of years you’ll be financing the car. The car finance calculator will then calculate your monthly repayments based on an Australian market average interest rate for automotive finance!

Note: This car finance calculator and the results attained are for guidance only and to obtain rough indicative repayments. Results are calculated using average car finance interest rates in Australia and may not take into account the effect of application fees, ongoing management fees, GST, Government duties and levies. The type of finance, finance company used and repayment schedule will also influence the results from this car finance calculator. Should you require a more accurate estimation on your vehicle finance, we suggest that you contact a Private Fleet representative who will then put you in touch with an appropriate financier who may be able to assist.