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Hyundai Genesis 2014


Hyundai are making some top new cars that are rivalling the best from Europe and Japan.  Better still is that Hyundai cars are some of the most affordable cars on the market loaded with all the modern features that we like to think we need but certainly want.  Let’s take a look at the new Hyundai Genesis, a very smoothly designed and engineered car that packs plenty of room, luxury and performance into what is Hyundai’s flagship model.

Stepping from the sidewalk into the interior of the new Hyundai Genesis is like walking off a smelly, noisy pavement and into a quiet luxury motel resort.  The environment inside the Hyundai Genesis is very quiet and serene; it’s a space where one can appreciate the comfort and tranquillity in the likeness of a leather lounge suite of a remote honeymoon resort.  Rear seat room has the potential for honeymoon activities, however the more orthodox approach of seating three sizeable adults across the rear seat is done in some serious space luxury sedan space.


Cast your eyes over the new Hyundai Genesis dash display, and the nice clear digital readouts, uncluttered switchgear and big style is Lexus-like in the way Hyundai have accomplished the impressive Genesis interior design.  Front seat occupants are treated to power and heated seats with a memory function.  Climate control with multi-zone technology and remote steering wheel controls for numerous functions are ways in which Hyundai have ensured that the drive inside a new Genesis will be very relaxed and comfortable.  The large multi-function touch screen in the middle of the dash is very advanced and runs similar to a tablet.  The driver also has a small display screen between the rev counter and speedometer which provides easier eye contact for information on the audio system, temperature and cruise control.  Satellite navigation, Bluelink communications, climate control, various Apps, hands free phone, voice control, radio, music, Pandora, online connection, auxiliary controls and so much more are accessed via the central multi-function touch screen in the centre of the dash.  These days almost everyone is using the latest Smartphone technology.  With the Hyundai Genesis, you will be able to plug in the special Hyundai Smartphone into the car’s computer system and access all the information on-board, and even audibly.

Now dig this for cool!  Via your new Smartphone, you can even send a message from inside your warm office to start up the car’s engine and preheat the cabin to a set temperature however many minutes you need before you scoot out through the snow and head off on your way in your flash new Hyundai Genesis.  Defrosting the car’s windows in the morning before work couldn’t be easier!  Also, if you want the car to remind you of an important appointment, it will… audibly!

A V6 GDI petrol engine (395 Nm and 248 kW) will probably be the main seller for the Australian market when the 2014 Hyundai Genesis arrives.  This is a very smooth and powerful engine that provides quiet, swift travel.  A diesel engine will be available in Europe – hopefully Australia.  There is also a very muscly and quiet Hyundai V8 petrol engine boasting 320 kW of power and 510 Nm.  All new Hyundai Genesis models can be driven through a sweet eight-speed automatic that sends the power out to all four wheels.  Or you can choose your Hyundai Genesis to stick with the nice standard RWD set-up.

Let us keep you up-to-date with the arrival of the very classy new Hyundai Genesis in Australia.  This is a car to get excited about if you love hob-knobbing with the Joneses.

Exact models for the Hyundai Genesis will be announced shortly.

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