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Archive for August, 2012

The Real Picture

Ford has made great play over its pricing policy when announcing the price of its performance Focus ST. The rival to the VW GTI, Subaru WRX and others is ‘competively priced’ at $39,290 plus on road costs when it goes on sale in October. Sure, it does have a price advantage over its main competition, but that’s not the whole picture.

We’ve complained bitterly before about the huge premium that Australian car buyers have to pay against their overseas counterparts (see the comparison chart here). The new Ford Focus ST is no exception. It’s a brand new car, so the old excuses of ‘exchange rates’ or ‘Luxury Car Tax’ (it doesn’t reach the threshold) can’t be trotted out. Yet it still imposes a massive sixty eight percent premium over the US$23,700 price charged to Americans.